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20. JAN 2023
105 Days
11 Hours
48 Minutes
56 Seconds

Conditions of Participation

1) All participants over the age of 19 are allowed to take part. Younger participants need a written agreement signed by their parents (must be shown at initial-registration). Participants over 65 need a medical certificate. Each participation takes place in own responsibility.

2) Application may only be made online under This will open on 15 October, 10.00 a.m. and is available for a maximum number of participants (Marathon & Tour – 1.000, Schattberg Race – 200, Junior-Sprint – 32). To obtain a fixed starting place, payment must be made to the specified account mentioned below. If the entry fee is not paid on time, the starting place will be lost. There is no telephone information on the registration form. More starting places may become available as a result of injuries and withdrawals, and will be available online. 


3) The entry fee for the marathon and tour is € 72,–. The entry fee for Schattberg Race is € 59,–; Junior-Sprint € 15,–. Included in the entry fee is starting present, supplies/refreshments and insurance (24-hours Mountain rescue).


4) The entry fee for the Marathon is to be made to: Raiffeisenbank Hallein, IBAN AT54 3502 2000 0003 8224, Password: MA-Marathon.

The entry fee for the Tour is is to be made to: Raiffeisenbank Hallein, IBAN AT27 3502 2000 0009 9820, Password: MA-Tour.

The entry fee for Schattberg Race and Junior-Sprint is to be made to: Raiffeisenbank Hallein, IBAN AT26 3502 2000 0009 5182, Password: Schattberg Race or Junior Sprint. The payment slip must be presented at the start number collection.



5) Participation is registered after signing and completing the registration form and after payment of the racing fee into the above mentioned bank account.

6) In case of sickness (or injury) the starting fee can only be reclaimed with a valid starting-fee insurance (see information) at our insurance partner Garanta upon presentation of a medical certificate (deductible)

7) Warning: Last starting number will be issued on race day, without exception, at 2.30 p.m.! Start number must be picked up personally - ID check!

8) The participant acknowledges that the organiser is not liable for accidents or other unforeseen events before, during and after the event. The participant expressly and in a legally binding manner waives any claims against the organiser.


9) The organizer has the right to change, shorten the route or time limit, due to bad weather or other unforeseen circumstances. Cancellation, discontinuation, or postponement of the race by the organizer is possible. The entry fee and any other charges won‘t be refunded in whole or in part in all cases.


10) Sales and disclosure of grid positions to third parties are not allowed. Misuse results in disqualification and a blocking for both parties at the following two events.


11) Changes to the result list can be carried out exclusively by Wednesday after the race.


12) The Participant agrees to the publication of photos and/or videomaterial created as part of Mountain Attack on which he / she can be seen. The participant agrees that photos and video material will be published in print, TV- and online media (e.g., Facebook, YouTube, etc.).

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