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14. Jänner 2022
38 Days
22 Hours
13 Minutes
46 Seconds


The registration opens October 15, 2021 at 10:00 a.m.!

Teilnehmer vor dem Start

Werner Marti (CH) und Verfolger

Zielbussi Elena Nicolini

The registration for the MOUNTAIN ATTACK must only be made ONLINE ( Payment is by bank transfer.

The enrollment is only valid after receipt of the participation fee. Registration for the MOUNTAIN ATTACK is personal and NOT transferable. A change of name of € 25.00 will be charged for a name change (typing error in the name or wrong club) of an athlete.



  • Marathon 68.00 EUR incl. Participant insurance on the race day
  • Tour 68.00 EUR incl. Participant insurance on the race day
  • Schattberg Race 55,00 EUR incl. Participant insurance on the race day
  • Junior Sprint 15,00 EUR incl. Participant insurance on the race day


The payment of the participation fee must be received in our account by the date stated in the confirmation e-mail. The corresponding bank account is also shown in the confirmation mail. If this is not the case, the starting place will lapse without exception.



The paid registration fee will NOT be refunded. Exempt are athletes who have completed a start-up insurance at the time of registration and can not start by illness or injury and submit a medical certificate. >> Entry fee insurance

In case of a shortening of the distances or cancellation of the race due to force majeure, the registration fee will NOT be refunded and will not be credited for the following year.

A refund of the participation fee due to non-compliance with the Corona requirements is excluded!

In the event of an official cancellation of the event due to Covid-19 >> see Covid measures.