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17. JAN 2025
243 Days
20 Hours
18 Minutes
22 Seconds


1) Ratings: Marathon: Men and Women. Tour: Men and Women. Marathon and Tour: Men +45 (1979). NEW: RELAY Competition (1 Rating for all, men, women or mixed), Schattberg Race: Men and Women, Junior-Sprint. Individual competition.


2) Equipment: only material used for alpine ski touring can be used – skis must have steel edges and touring bindings, boots must have hard soles, sealskins, crampons are allowed, headlights are compulsory. Skis & boots must be carried in the customary tradition of mountaineering skiing! Emergency blanket and Helmet required! Anorak & backpack strongly recommended!!! Equipment controls can take place at start, during and after the race.


3) Skin change is only allowed to be done unaided in the designated change zones. To receive closed skins from other persons is allowed. Skis can be replaced only in case of breakages during the competition. Only official racing service people are allowed to help. The supply of own food and drink is allowed.


4) Accompanying persons are not allowed to take food from the refreshment stations. Participants, accompanying persons and spectators are not permitted to litter any areas.


5) The start area is divided into 3 start zones. Zone 1: Marathon-men first 30 from last year, Marathon-women top 5 from last year, Tour-men top 5 from last year, Tour-women top 5 from last year, Marathon +45 top 3 from last year, Tour +45 top 3 from last year, athletes of organizing team, international top-athletes (top 50 ISMF-worldranking); Zone 2: Marathon & Tour, Zone 3: Schattberg Race and Relay-Competition. Allocation in the Zones is based on starting numbers and is mandatory for all participants. Non-compliance with the start zones leads to immediate disqualification. 




6) The numbers have to be worn visibly during the race on the chest, if number is not worn visible, athlets will be disqualified. At the finish or at any other stop during the race the numbers must be brought to the next checkpoint. The return of the starting number is required for race classification. Failure to give back number costs € 40,–.




7) From the start, in the centre of Saalbach, the athletes have to walk to the basic area carrying their skis. The whole race takes place on prepared, marked and sign-posted slopes. Spots, snow-cats, torch-lights and signal lights will help to illuminate the way, in addition to the head lamps.




8) Registration at the control points is carried out with a time mat. In case of a break, the chip and the start number must be given at one of the control points or the target. This is for your own safety and prevents any possible use of the mountain rescue at the expense of the participant (from any point of the route can be driven into the valley).


9) To finish the race and to be classified the following maximum time limits have to be fulfilled: maximum intermediate time Schattberg: 06.30 pm. Maximum intermediate time Hinterglemm: marathon 06.30 pm, tour 07.00 pm. Maximum intermeiate time Hochalm: marathon 08.10 pm.
If time limits cannot be reached the starting number and the chip will be confiscated at the checkpoints and athletes will be disqualified.


10) Disqualification will also apply if participants:

a) fail to give back starting number and the chip at any stop or at the finish

b) use wrong material   /   c) receive external help

d) unfairly behave or ignore safety standards

e) demonstrate unsportsmanlike behaviour

f) miss intermediate time at the check-points

g) hindered visibility of the worn start number at check-points and upon reaching the finish line

h) Starting from the wrong starting block (whether knowingly or unknowingly)

i) throwing away waste outside of the catering-stations (Checkpoints)


11) Complaints must be submitted to the race jury within one hour after crossing the finish line together with a deposit of € 100,–. If the complaint is accepted as valid, the race jury will return the deposit.


12) Changing over from the Tour distance to the Marathon is possible at any time during the race. The switch from the Marathon to the Tour is also possible, however, there will be extra 10 minutes added to the final time.


13) Rubbish such as water bottles, gel and bar wrappers may only be thrown away
at the individual food stations (checkpoints). 


14) The carrying of animals is not allowed!


15) With registration for the Mountain Attack, I agree with the rules and conditions (including all Corona-Measures if necessary).

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