It’s that time of the year again! One year passes by extremely quickly. Autumn is coming slowly and all winter sports fans are already exited for winter - hopefully with lots of snow – to conquer the mountains again. We are already in the middle of preparing the 19th Hervis Mountain Attack to offer you yet another great event.


What’s new at the Attack 2017?

After our first live broadcast trial of “the Attack” over the internet in 2016, we will expand the project in cooperation with Salzburg AG and Mediahaus. We’ll have 4 moderators, one top-expert, 8 mobile camera teams on the track along with a state-of-the-art equipped broadcast van with 4 expert producers for up-to-date information and best images of the race. From 3:40 pm to 7:30 pm the livestream will be available on www.mountain-attack.at. Everyone who cannot make it to Saalbach can still see it live. In addition, we will of course upload pictures to our Facebook page during the race.


The awards ceremony will take place half an hour early as we learned from previous years that the race has gotten faster and by 10:30 pm all participants had managed to reach the goal. All prizes for the top ten will only be awarded onsite, shipping via courier or mail will no longer be possible.


As a new service for the athletes there is now starting-fee insurance, so you can reclaim your starting fee in case of short-term injury or sickness. You can find more information on this in our “news” section. For the first time we also offer the possibility for every participant to buy Mountain Attack merchandise. Together with Chiba, our La Sportiva Mountain Attack Team athletes developed a ski mountaineering glove that has already passed a few serious tests without any problems. More info can be found in the magazine or on the homepage. It really pays to have a read or click on it.


The International Ski Mountaineering Federation ISMF made big headlines in summer. At the Olympic Games in Rio (August 2nd, 2016) ski mountaineering has been granted full recognition by the IOC. No one knows yet, what exactly this means in detail but hopes are up that ski mountaineering will be an Olympic discipline. There is still a lot of work for the ISMF and vice president Lluis Lopez in order to reach the next goal, participating at the Olympic Winter Games 2022 in Beijing.


Let’s focus on the near future. Registration for “the Attack” will open on October 17th at 10 am. Please reserve this date as we expect a big rush for the available starting places. Overall 1.100 starting places will be available. If you register in time, we will immediately send you an email confirmation including all further information.


So everyone can reach their personal goals at the Hervis Mountain Attack we wish you all an injury-free preparation, loads of training time and of course success at the race. See you at Saalbach in January.